Trusted Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis, IN

If you don’t like the atmosphere of your current bathroom, don’t worry! You can do so much to make it a more favorable place with the help of the leading bathroom remodeling company in the vast farmlands of the Midwest.

Many things make us the first choice for most Indy homeowners. We give you affordable prices on top of high-quality bathroom products and services. Our remodeling company has been in the industry for years now, so we know what our clients want and need from us. And we pride ourselves on our professionalism and excellent customer service. All these qualities and more are what let us stand out from the rest of the competition in this industry!

Superb Quality


Being a trusted and reliable company in Indianapolis, We offer homeowners the best options for bathroom remodeling projects. You can trust our professionals to provide a solution based on your needs, within your budget, and right on your schedule.

Expert Installation


We’ve teamed up with the leading experts to ensure we can get the job done right every time. Our highly qualified partners have the know-how to take care of every detail, from tubs, toilets, vanities, and backsplashes to lighting, cabinets, flooring, and countertops.

Stylish Long-Lasting


We are committed to creating brilliant products for our customers —products that will dramatically change the look of your home. We source our products from some of the industry’s most trusted brands in the market. We offer our clients the best products, and we work hard to give them stunning results.


About us

Finding the right company to work with can be challenging. Especially when the project is for something you interact with every day—like your bathroom. We understand your situation and create creative solutions to your problems.

We’ll Bring Your Dream Bathroom To Life!

A home is a place to relax and unwind. And what better room for that than your bathroom? Not only do you need to clean up after yourself, but you also need to take care of yourself in a space that makes showering and bathing more than just a functional chore.

Why Choose Us?

Finding the right company to work with can be challenging. Especially when the project is for something you interact with every day—like your bathroom. At Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis, we understand your situation and create creative solutions to your problems.

Indianapolis Bathroom Remodel Process

Initial Design and Consultation

The first step in the process is your initial call. We’ll discuss your plans, starting budget, and your available date for consultation. After that, we’ll come to your home and get familiar with your space requirements.

Planning Your Ideal Space

Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis will work with you one-on-one to understand your design goals. We’ll then proceed to the planning stage and do the legwork in creating a blueprint and preliminary design for your renovation.

Drawing Out Details

After the final approval of your bathroom floor plan, we’ll present you with a selection of high-quality materials such as cabinetry, mirrors, tiles, fixtures, and others. As you make decisions, we’ll evaluate your choices to ensure we maintain control over your budget.

Final Authorization Consultation

After determining the crucial details of the project and working out the finer details, we’ll have a final consultation to finalize everything for your approved bathroom remodeling project. We also discuss last-minute changes and sign all necessary documents in this stage.

Installation Scheduling

The long wait is over! After days and days of planning and designing, it’s time to build your dream bathroom. As soon as we assemble your team of expert craftsmen and source the materials, we’re ready to start construction. We make sure that we use materials approved by state guidelines and standards.

Project Completion

The long wait is over! At long last, your new bathroom is here, and the remodeling is complete. Once we finish your renovation, we’ll let you have a final walkthrough to inspect our work. We’ll gather your concerns in our Client Requests list and won’t stop until we tick off each item and you’re satisfied with our work.

Advantages of a Bathroom Remodel in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is a city filled with a love for sports, culture, and, most importantly, corn. It’s known for the Indy 500, the Indiana Pacers, the Mass Ave cultural events, the Broad Ripple nightlife, and its endless farmlands filled with corn, soybeans, watermelons, tomatoes, mint, and tobacco. There’s no doubt Hoosiers have it all. And now they can add spectacular bathroom remodeling services to the list!

Remodeling your bathroom can be a daunting task. But there are so many reasons to do it. Besides, you’ll be so proud of the new and improved look that you’ll never want to go back. To help you decide, here are some advantages of remodeling your bathroom. Visit our Bathroom Remodel FAQ page for more information.

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