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One-Day Bathroom Remodel

one-day bathroom remodel indianapolis

Whether you’re looking for a minor upgrade or a total overhaul, our one-day bathroom remodel lets you completely redecorate your bathroom in a single day. With new fixtures, cabinetry, tiling, and a freshly painted interior, we can create you a whole new look at a very affordable price.

We’ll give your bathroom the sleek, modern look you desire with our expertly crafted products and affordable one-day remodel. Our same-day service gives you instant results. Featuring seamless glass construction with a ceramic tile backsplash, our one-day bathroom remodel has a sense of luxury that you’ll enjoy every day. It also features luxury shower glass doors that complement the bathtub and shower. All of this can be completed within just one day by our professional team!

Let us help you turn your vision into reality. After your initial inquiry, we’ll schedule a consultation to evaluate your bathroom. We’ll then provide a detailed design and cost estimate based on what we’ve planned together. With our dedicated team of craftsmen, you can be sure that we’ll complete your renovation before your family members even get home from work. There’s no other Indy bathroom remodeling company that offers more!

We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service after every job. We’ll handle every concern during your inspection and give the original contractor a Client Request List with any outstanding issues listed on it. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty for all new exterior projects, protecting you against potential problems.

When you’re ready to renovate, turn to the professionals at Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis for a bathroom update that will make your guests gasp in amazement. Let Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis take the stress out of bathroom renovation and focus on quality artistry. You’ll be amazed at how many details we can accomplish in just a day.

Read on to learn more about our different one-day remodel offers.

Master Bath Remodel

When you need a top-of-the-line master bath in a day, Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis will not let you down. We can transform your master bath from ordinary to elegant in one day. With the right tools and skills, we can finish a total master bath transformation in a single day. This service includes tiling floors and walls, installing showers and cabinets, painting or staining cabinets, and the finishing touches.

Master baths are highly functional, and you should give much attention to them. They should be fully functional and not miss anything that could make your life better and more comfortable. The essential elements are a sink, toilet, tub, shower, linen closet, and vanity.

Despite these several fixtures, our team at Bathroom Remodel Indianapolis can provide full-service master bath remodels of any style. To save our clients’ time and money, we perform on-site consultations and project cost assessments to facilitate well-informed decisions about our customers’ master bath goals. This one-day service is perfect for an individual or family who wants to get the best remodeling job done by the best contractor in town.

Your master bath renovation is a day of luxury at our hands. You’ll never want to go anywhere else when you experience the unique custom features we offer. All these in just one day!

Small Bath Remodel

No longer a luxury, a combination of both a tub and a shower is now a standard for most bathrooms. It allows you the flexibility to choose one or both depending on the type of bathing experience you desire. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have the luxury of a large bathroom.

Lucky for you, we have the solutions and skills to get your small bathroom perfect in one day. We’ll take care of all remodeling tasks, so you don’t need to worry about a complex job. With the implementation of quality bathroom remodeling choices, you can improve your bathroom experience quickly and efficiently.

Our team can create a design plan for your small bathroom and create realistic renderings. Then we’ll implement our professional construction management process, including on-site job scheduling to ensure your satisfaction. We’ll be there from design through every stage of your bathroom remodel until you see the completed project. By installing a few simple changes, we can completely change the look of your bathroom. Here are some of them:

  • Replace the bathtub with a more accessible shower unit, lay, and repair the flooring.
  • Update the lighting.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Install wall-mounted towel racks and custom vanity.
  • Replace old faucets, mirrors, fixtures, and hardware.
  • Set up large mirrors.
  • Put in open shelving.

There’s no time to waste! Give us a call now and discover how our one-day remodel services can help you reach your bathroom goals.

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